Mike Jarema

I'm a software development professional with experience in building technical teams and web/mobile/social software products from the ground up.

I generally work with early-stage, Toronto-based product companies in a CTO or technical lead capacity.

Mike - Does your Facebook friend rank demo still work? I'm really interested, but the link appears to be broken. Thanks

Asked by Anonymous

Facebook modified some of the properties of their Javascript SDK, which in turn broke the demo, but I’ve since updated the code to account for those changes.

So yes, the demo should now be working.

Here’s the facebook friend rank demo (http://facebook-friend-rank.herokuapp.com/demo/index.html).

And the code is available here (http://github.com/mikejarema/facebook-friend-rank).


I started my first company eight years ago in 2004 and I’ve been through two acquisitions. The first company I sold was DropSend in 2008 and the second was Carsonified in 2011.

Like most entreprenuers, I believed I needed to sell a company for a pile of cash in order to be successful. I’m not…

how do i change the css in your tumblr bootstrap?

Asked by bitsandslices

Thanks for the note, you can adjust the CSS in two ways:

  1. Tumblr has a text area where you can add your own custom CSS. Click “Customize Theme” from your dashboard, scroll down in the left column, click “Advanced” and there’s a place to add your own CSS rules.
  2. I’ve made it possible to import an external CSS stylesheet: Click “Customize Theme” from your dashboard, scroll down in the left column, under “Appearance” add the full URL for your application’s stylesheet in the “Application Stylesheet URL” field.

Of course you can manually edit the HTML in Tumblr as well, but then you would break the association between your blog and the Tumblr Theme, so you’re wouldn’t get any future updates that contributed.

Hope this helps,


A little while back I announced that I open-sourced purgatory.rb, my tool to filter expiring domains. Most tools for expiring domains look for SEO- and Adwords-centric metrics (pagerank, average CPC, etc.). For the product manager or startup team looking to name their new app or site, it’s more important to have a brandable name.

This post looks at how to filter expiring domain lists for short and brandable domain names, using memorable prefixes and suffixes.

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Namevine is a fun and easy way to help create an effective Internet identity geared for self-branding, but it can also be used for marketing purposes for your company, whether it’s a start-up, or even an established brand that has yet to build out its online presence.

So… how can Namevine help your business?

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I’ve made two recent changes to my preferred technology & publishing stacks in the hopes of tightening the Lean Startup’s Build-Measure-Learn loop as it pertains to my projects.

On the technology side, nearly all of my recent front-end dev work is based on the amazing Twitter Bootstrap framework. There’s nothing like it out there that combines gorgeous and extensible graphical components, well written styles and markup, and a tremendously strong open source following.

On the publishing side, I’ve been using Tumblr to get my thoughts and announcements posted to the internet at-large.  It is simple to use, very easy to get started with, supports theming & custom domains, supports “page” types, and permits multiple contributors per blog.

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Those who have been following my recent work have likely noticed I’m focusing on building lightweight, single-use tools for finding, purchasing and using domain names.  While these are “side projects”, thanks to affiliate marketing, they do have the prospect of bringing in a little bit of money as I operate them.

In this post, I’d link to share a simple technique that GoDaddy affiliates can take advantage of to “deep link” to specific pages on GoDaddy.com with their affiliate tracking code.  For typical promotions, this technique isn’t needed, as GoDaddy provides all the creative, copy and landing pages you’ll need.  However, for specialized tools (like my Domain and Social Media Profile Search Tool), you may want to link to specific pages within your advertiser’s site to maximize your affiliate revenues.

Doing so with GoDaddy (on Commission Junction’s network) is quite simple, if a little buried in the management interface.  Here’s the steps you’ll need to follow:

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After weeks of optimization, many design tweaks, some killer media coverage and feedback from our amazing early users, Namevine is ready to pull back the curtains and reveal itself to the world!

Simply put, Namevine is the fastest and most pleasurable way to search for a domain and matching…

I’ve open-sourced a helpful domain name mining script that I’ve been working on for a little while now.

Most of us have been in the position where we’re naming a company, product, service, blog, etc. and want to check for domain availability as we brainstorm names.  Inevitably your shortlist of desired names is decimated because the .com is taken, is in use, or is being sold on the aftermarket for outrageous sums of $$.

Enter purgatory.  It’s a ruby-based command line script that scans the list of expiring domain names subject to some helpful filters.  For those not in the know, approx 70k+ domains “drop” each day, meaning the original owner has let them expire and they’re up for grabs.  This script lets you define some quick filters/rules to prequalify dropping names for your brainstorming pleasure.  Run daily for best results.

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Quick shot of my new flavours.me profile.  I’m experimenting with various services to determine what is the “best” way to express my identity online at mikejarema.com.

Quick shot of my new flavours.me profile.  I’m experimenting with various services to determine what is the “best” way to express my identity online at mikejarema.com.