I’ve made two recent changes to my preferred technology & publishing stacks in the hopes of tightening the Lean Startup’s Build-Measure-Learn loop as it pertains to my projects.

On the technology side, nearly all of my recent front-end dev work is based on the amazing Twitter Bootstrap framework. There’s nothing like it out there that combines gorgeous and extensible graphical components, well written styles and markup, and a tremendously strong open source following.

On the publishing side, I’ve been using Tumblr to get my thoughts and announcements posted to the internet at-large.  It is simple to use, very easy to get started with, supports theming & custom domains, supports “page” types, and permits multiple contributors per blog.

My Bootstrap Tumblr Theme is the marriage of these two changes in a single package.  Its main goal is to reduce the effort involved in keeping consistent styling on both a web app and its associated blog.  Ideally a single stylesheet applies to both.  I think with this project I’m most of the way towards realizing that goal.

Take a look at Namevine and its blog:

Both use the same stylesheet.  And with the exception of copying and pasting over the navbar HTML from the web app, there was no customization required to the theme.

So I invite you to check out the Bootstrap Tumblr Theme on Github.  Remember it’s open source and a work-in-progress, so please fork it and help make it better!

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