Those who have been following my recent work have likely noticed I’m focusing on building lightweight, single-use tools for finding, purchasing and using domain names.  While these are “side projects”, thanks to affiliate marketing, they do have the prospect of bringing in a little bit of money as I operate them.

In this post, I’d link to share a simple technique that GoDaddy affiliates can take advantage of to “deep link” to specific pages on with their affiliate tracking code.  For typical promotions, this technique isn’t needed, as GoDaddy provides all the creative, copy and landing pages you’ll need.  However, for specialized tools (like my Domain and Social Media Profile Search Tool), you may want to link to specific pages within your advertiser’s site to maximize your affiliate revenues.

Doing so with GoDaddy (on Commission Junction’s network) is quite simple, if a little buried in the management interface.  Here’s the steps you’ll need to follow:

  • Log in to the Account Manager and click Get Links, then By Relationship, then View Links for GoDaddy.

  • Search for “Deep Link”.

  • There are two results, one is a banner link and one is a text link.  Click the text link.

  • Click Get HTML in the link popup.

  • Now you’re able to customize the target URL.  Namevine has a WHOIS is feature, so I’ve deep linked to a WHOIS results in the example below.  The HTML preview makes it obvious how to customize the link from within your own application or site.

And there you have it — deep linking to a custom URL within GoDaddy.  Let me know in the comments if this has helped you or if you’ve run into issues deep linking to other URLs.
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