I’ve open-sourced a helpful domain name mining script that I’ve been working on for a little while now.

Most of us have been in the position where we’re naming a company, product, service, blog, etc. and want to check for domain availability as we brainstorm names.  Inevitably your shortlist of desired names is decimated because the .com is taken, is in use, or is being sold on the aftermarket for outrageous sums of $$.

Enter purgatory.  It’s a ruby-based command line script that scans the list of expiring domain names subject to some helpful filters.  For those not in the know, approx 70k+ domains “drop” each day, meaning the original owner has let them expire and they’re up for grabs.  This script lets you define some quick filters/rules to prequalify dropping names for your brainstorming pleasure.  Run daily for best results.


Some interesting .com names expiring over the next few days:

  • ghettoes.com
  • insomnialabs.com
  • taxonomylabs.com
  • buybackrewards.com
  • morphly.com
  • applejacked.com (urban dictionary)

I’ll be buttoning up some loose ends over the next couple days in anticipation of submitting this to Hacker News — it’ll be my first submission.